A visual poem loosely inspired by Franz Schubert’s Winterreise, Le Voyage d’hiver is a journey for the senses at the cusp of theatre, circus and visual arts.  The director Benoit Landry and circus performer Anna Ward explore the notions of sacred, rituel and brotherly love in the midst of our era’s relentless agitation that obscurs our intimacy with silence, stillness and space for contemplation.

Schubert’s Winterreise is a series of 24 lieder composed to accompany the poems of Wilhelm Müler. The piece describes a man in search of himself, wandering in a silent winter landscape. Inspired by the ambiance of the piece over its narrative, Benoit Landry and Anna Ward chose the sense of spaciousness and calm that emanates from Winterreise as their starting point in their composition of living images and performative tableaux, directly asking the question: How is it possible in our days to hear one self, to maintain a subtle contact with one’s deep identity amidst the incessant stimulus of the modern world?

Le Voyage d’hiver was created with the support of Montreal Complètement Cirque for it’s official program 2013.

The final version of the show was presented in March 2014 at Montreal’s Théâtre Prospero.


«In one hour and twenty minutes they succeed in constructing an epic poem of abstract expressionism, depicting the fragility of the human condition. The narrative is mastered.»
Fabien Deglise, Journal Le Devoir, 22 March 2014

«This voyage compels us to see the world differently.»
Lucie Renaud, Clavier bien tempéré, 22 mars 2014

«The company Nord Nord Est has succeeded in creating a performance at the frontier of genres, blending cleverly the essence of the mediums used throughout the show. Le Voyage d’hiver will delight fans of contemporary performance.»
Alexandre Galliez, pieuvre.ca, 20 mars 2014


Le Voyage d’hiver Bande-annonce #1 from Nord Nord Est on Vimeo.

Le Voyage d’hiver – Entrevue avec les créateurs from Nord Nord Est on Vimeo.

© Isabel Rancier



Director and
adaptation of texts

Benoit Landry

Acrobatic design
Anna Ward

Isabelle Dupont

Ashley Carr
Véronique Gauthier
Gisle Henriet
Sandrine Mérette
Lauren Joy Herley
Anna Ward

DIrector’s assistant
Dominique Leblanc-Bolduc

Set design
Benoit Landry et Anna Ward

Costumes and accessories
Anna Ward

Lighting desing
Francis Hamel

Sound design
Colin Gagné

Assistance to set design
and accessories

Émilie Thomas

Original hair suspension act
Emilie Emiroglou

Technical direction
Pascal Auger